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I like to move it, move it…

I’ve moved! Well, at least for now I’m blogging more frequently at style.courtneyparham.com. Check out that Tumblr blog for all things related to my new jewelry business, Stella & Dot.

You can find social media news and commentary from me on Twitter: @CourtneyParham.

If he’s really dead, let’s not make the mistake of gloating. Here’s another opportunity to show that we’ve become adults. Let’s not blow yet another one.

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Agreed. One hundred percent.

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tedr says: guess word didn’t get out to the USA! chanting crowds at White House and at The WTC site. This will always be a nation of chest-thumpers. Not sure how we’re ever going to change that…

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Not my definition of justice

In response to Bin Laden’s death, I’m really disturbed that so many people are thrilled by the killing of another human being, no matter how evil. Furthermore, I understand the great pain that Bin Laden and al Qaeda caused us, but his passing won’t bring back the thousands of innocent people he killed, it probably won’t prevent future terrorism attacks, and certainly won’t push us any closer to a more peaceful world.

Let’s focus on issues that can move America forward, such as educational reform, creating more jobs, and quality healthcare for everyone. That’s the kind of positive change we need to progress as a nation.



"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

[SCREENSHOT] New beta version of Klout.com released today. Click the screenshot to view the full size image.
Do you prefer the new or old version of Klout?

[SCREENSHOT] New beta version of Klout.com released today. Click the screenshot to view the full size image.

Do you prefer the new or old version of Klout?

I may be, I may be wrong…


New Facebook Feature Converts Your Profile Page Into a Business Page

Facebook just launched a new "Profile to Business Page Migration" tool that lets users automatically convert their friends into “likes”. This is a really big deal for businesses who added friends to a Facebook profile page for promotional purposes, but have been hindered by the 5,000 friends limit and desire the functionality of a Facebook Page.

As shown in the photo below, profile photo and friends will be migrated to a Page, but you will lose all wall posts, photos and other Pages you’ve liked. You can use Facebook’s Download Your Information tool to backup that data.

Regarding branding, users with less than 100 friends can modify the name of their new business page, but users with over 100 friends will have to keep the same name used on their profile page. Nevertheless, here’s a hack to try that I just thought up: Change your profile page name to your desired business page name, then use the migration tool. Aha! :) Please let me know if it works for you.

Also note that Facebook friends will not be notified when they are converted to likes. So, you may want to make an announcement to your soon-to-be-likes before and after the migration.

For assistance and further details, check out Facebook’s Help section about Converting your profile into a Page.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this new feature! Are you going to use the Profile to Business Page Migration tool? Please post a comment below.

Thanks to AppBistro and InsideFacebook for the tip!

Photos courtesy of InsideFacebook and WeblogCartoons